Markdown With Responsive Images

I’ve never liked the overhead of dealing with responsive image sets in Markdown when writing for the web. I’ve set up this site to expect any image links as a simple list as part of the YAML header, rather than within the main body of the post, which is processed further by Jekyll at compile-time.

Since I only need to do this part once it can be as complex and edge-casey as I need while keeping the actual written content short and clean.

This works since I don’t care about in-article image positioning. I’ll either be sharing a single image or adding a single set of explanatory/descriptive images to the end of a post, rather than writing a print-style article with a strictly defined layout.

For example, this Markdown+yaml file:

date: 2017-07-23 15:31:00 +01:00
    - 2017-07-23-chicago-broods.jpg

Chicago _broods_.

Becomes this, showing either a large or small file-size version of the image based on the viewing device type, without my needing to care about those variations when writing the post.

My live Jekyll code is here but to use it you’ll still need to add multiple images to your site, appropriately named. I use @workflowhq on iOS to automate this part.

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